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Sports & Leisure

Expert Brush Rowing Extender
This extender is suitable for those who want to play sports without having to go to the gym. Tones, defines and improves the flexibility of the whole body.
11,95 €
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Resistance Bands with Grips (11 Pieces)
Create your own home gym with the help of this complete 11-piece Resistance Bands set! Includes carrying bag to always take with you!
19,95 €
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EMS Fit Boot Toning
Exercise your abs and biceps easily and comfortably. This electrostimulator has 4 programs and can be used at any time.
19,40 €
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Elastic Shaping Strap
A comfortable strap that tightens through hooks and helps shape the silhouette. Slim and elastic, it is ideal to wear underneath clothing.
9,95 €
Spinning Tour Bike
A very complete bike for spinning to work the upper and lower body, resulting in one of the most complete exercises that can be performed.
199,90 €
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Fitness Electric Trafer 1000W
A running mat to run whenever you want! Fantastic to stay in shape without leaving home!
259,95 €
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All Sports Accessories

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Anti-Stress Boxing Bag
Release the accumulated stress with a lot of humor and fun in this versatile inflatable boxing bag, which can be placed on various surfaces.
25,95 €
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Balxing Training Balls and Reflexes (Pack 2)
Train at home in a fun way with the help of this training set that allows you to improve agility, reflexes, coordination and reaction time, among others.
12,95 €
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VW Campervan Water Bottle 550 ml
Stay hydrated at any time with the help of this fun 55 ml bottle. It is equipped with a straw that facilitates the consumption of water.
8,95 €
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Running Elastic Waist Bag
This waist bag with two separate pockets is perfect for carrying your essentials whenever you go for sports activities.
5,95 €
Kneecare Bamboo Charcoal Copper Wire Support Knee Brace
Exercise comfortively and painlessly with the help of this innovative knee brace. Ideal for the gym and jogging.
13,40 €
Swissten 6" Smartphone Arm Bag Black
With this arm bag you can have your smartphone close to you while practicing sports. It is water and sweat resistant.
11,99 €
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Outdoors and travel

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Christmas Mankini
Be the center of attention this Christmas and entertain those around you with the help of this original mankini with the face of Santa Claus.
11,50 €
Flamingo Intex Inflatable Float
If you are a fan of flamingos, enjoy your company in the form of a Flamingo Inflatable Buoy, perfect for children to spend a fun day at the beach or by the pool!
15,95 €
Product added
Inflatable Pool with Buoy and Ball
This pool, which includes an inflatable float and ball, is perfect for children to have fun on hot summer days. It has three very resistant identical rings and a soft base.
18,95 €
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Whale Inflatable Pool with Sprayer
This whale-shaped inflatable pool with sprayers allows your children to cool off on hot summer days without being directly exposed to the sun.
49,40 €
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Children's pool with basketball hoop
This inflatable children's pool, equipped with a basketball hoop, will guarantee a lot of fun for this summer. Includes an inflatable ball for kids to play with friends.
99,40 €
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Crocodile Aquatic Game Center
An inflatable water game center that guarantees a lot of fun on hot summer days. Designed for people over 3 years old, it consists of two swimming pools and includes a slide and a mini float.
81,40 €
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Sports Appliances

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Pedalador for arms and legs
A double crankset for arms and legs that allows you to exercise while sitting comfortably, making it perfect for the elderly, people with reduced mobility, etc.
63,40 €
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Abs Wheel Fitness 4 Wheels
An abs wheel, perfect for training at home or at any other location, as it takes up little space and is easy to transport.
31,40 €
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Kettlebell Dumbbell 6 Kg
Designed for very versatile and complete workouts, this 6 kg Kettlebell is perfect for exercising the whole body.
17,50 €
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Kettlebell Dumbbell 4 Kg
Designed for very versatile and complete workouts, this 4 kg Kettlebell is perfect for exercising the whole body.
11,50 €
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Kettlebell Dumbbell 2 Kg
Designed for very versatile and complete workouts, this 2 kg Kettlebell is perfect for exercising the whole body.
8,40 €
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Training Bar for Folding Door
This non-slip grip workout bar allows you to work all the upper muscles in the comfort of your home.
49,40 €
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Belts and electrostimulators

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EMS Atrainik Body Massager
A body massage device that performs intense muscle training through electrostimulation (EMS), shaping the body (body electrosculpture).
29,95 €
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Fitness Belt Slimming Band
Shape your silhouette while protecting your back and improving your posture with the help of this slimming headband available in 3 sizes.
9,40 €
Women's Sauna Effect Sports Vest
A women's sports vest designed to maximize the results of your physical exercise, favoring the elimination of fat and toxins.
12,95 €
EMS Abdominal Stimulation Belt
Get fit in time for summer and exercise your abs in a simple and comfortable way with the help of the EMS Abdominal Stimulation Belt.
17,40 €
Product added
Pregnancy Support and Protection Belt
End the physical discomfort that pregnancy brings, with the help of this support belt. Ideal for use during the 9 months of pregnancy and the postpartum period.
23,95 €
Pilates ring 35 cm
To train arms, chest, thighs and buttocks.
13,95 €

Seed kits

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Magic Bean - I love you Mom
Tell your mother how much you like her in an original way with this bean. Includes a can with a mineral compound that hides a bean with the message “I love you mom” engraved.
4,40 €
Product added
Magic Bean - I love you Dad
Tell your father how much you like him in an original way with this bean. Includes a can with a mineral compound that hides a bean with the message “I love you dad” engraved.
4,90 €
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Doll Relvinhas
The Snowy Doll is very easy to care for: just put your head inside the included PVC egg, add water and watch the green hair grow!
3,95 €
Product added
Make Me Grow: Happy Birthday
An original way to congratulate someone. The kit includes everything that is needed to plant the Lonicera plant.
9,40 €
Product added
Birthday Flowers - November
An original gift for your birthday in November!
4,90 €
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Birthday Flowers - October
An original gift for your birthday in October!
4,90 €
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