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Flashing Soap Bubble Gun Flashing Soap Bubble Gun
A pistol with luminous effects to fill the streets with soap bubbles. The fun will never be lacking around you!
5,95 €
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Fidget Sensory Bubbles Pop Pop in Silicone Fidget Sensory Bubbles Pop Pop in Silicone
A silicone fidget that gives you the feel of bubble bubble bubble bubble while helping to relieve stress and maintain concentration.
2,95 €
Large Educational Magnetic Board Large Educational Magnetic Board
Kids will love this great double-sided frame. On one side it is magnetic to glue magnets and on the other they can write and draw with chalk.
15,40 €
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Musical Crab with Bath Soap Bubbles Musical Crab with Bath Soap Bubbles
Capture the attention of the children to enjoy bathing time with the help of this crab shaped musical toy that generates soap bubbles.
14,95 €
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My Way Music Box My Way Music Box
A crank-crank music box. Listen to this classic music popularized by Frank Sinatra.
7,95 €
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Other toys

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Outros brinquedos
New Multistack Garage with 2 Cars Multistack Garage with 2 Cars
This set includes two miniature cars and a 3-story garage that offers hours of creative entertainment for the little ones.
14,95 €
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New Unicorn Musical Rocking Horse Unicorn Musical Rocking Horse
This pink musical rocking horse is a toy that all kids love. It helps to develop balance, muscle strength, and sense of balance.
54,95 €
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New Steel Tongue Drum Steel Tongue Drum
A compact and durable instrument with 8 finely tuned notes, perfect for beginners and music professionals.
24,95 €
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168 Piece Painting Bag 168 Piece Painting Bag
This painting bag is the perfect way to inspire young artists to discover the exciting world of art and is the ideal gift for any child.
14,95 €
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Foam Building Blocks Foam Building Blocks
This set consists of 29 soft foam building blocks with different colors and shapes, perfect for stimulating children's imagination.
9,95 €
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Super Ball Race Circuit Super Ball Race Circuit
Composed of 105 pieces, the challenge of this fun toy is to create challenging roads and throw the balls from the starting point.
11,95 €
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Remote controlled toys

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Brinquedos telecomandados
Flash Drone Flash Drone
Impress all your friends and family with the help of this drone, easy to control and equipped with LEDs for a fantastic colorful light show.
44,95 €
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Robot Tobbie Robot Tobbie
Tobbie is an intelligent six-legged robot that provides excellent interaction with children. Just challenge him and find out what he can do.
43,95 €
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Wall Climbing Car Wall Climbing Car
Get out of the way: the new Wall Climbing Car has arrived! On the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling... there are no limits to driving this car.
25,95 €


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Retro Jump Rope Retro Jump Rope
Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of retro toys with this classic jump rope with wooden handles and promote a healthy lifestyle in a fun way.
4,50 €
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Giant Inflatable Ball Giant Inflatable Ball
Spend fun moments with family and friends using this translucent ball that looks like a giant bubble and adapts to various formats.
19,90 €
Product added
Mole and Hammer Game Mole and Hammer Game
Crush moles quickly with the help of a hammer in this tabletop version of this fun game, ideal for the whole family.
62,95 €
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Arcade Ball Electronic Game Arcade Ball Electronic Game
Start playing and try to win this match. Place the steel ball at the starting point and shoot with impulse on the launch ramp so that the ball falls into one of the holes.
44,95 €
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Soap Bubbles Sword Soap Bubbles Sword
Fun sword-shaped tube to make lots of soap bubbles. Available in several colors, children will have fun for many hours.
4,90 €
Funp Bouncing Pogo Funp Bouncing Pogo
With this bouncy toy, playing is much more fun! Just put yourself on top of it, grab the handles and start jumping.
18,40 €
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Instructional and educational games

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Jogos educativos e didáticos
New Children's Creative Table with Accessories Children's Creative Table with Accessories
Equipped with different colorful and fun accessories, this table is the ideal place for little ones to explore their imagination.
37,95 €
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Sensory Water Mat for Baby Sensory Water Mat for Baby
An inflatable tactile mat to fill with water or air, perfect for babies to play while developing mental and sensory abilities.
13,40 €
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Straw Rods Construction Tubes Straw Rods Construction Tubes
It is a set consisting of 204 malleable tubes and 204 connectors. Children can unleash their creativity and build various figures.
12,95 €
Product added
Dominó de Madeira Vehicles Dominó de Madeira Vehicles
This dominoes are composed of 28 wooden pieces with animal designs and with very attractive colors, ideal for children to have fun.
10,40 €
Product added
PlayMais Mosaic Kit PlayMais Mosaic Kit
A game that will allow children to create colorful figures of zoo animals. Perfect for stimulating creativity in a fun way.
14,40 €
Product added
Wooden Children's Educational Watch Wooden Children's Educational Watch
This activity watch has bold colors to capture the attention of the little ones and is an excellent way for them to learn to count.
10,95 €
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Children's lighting

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Luzes infantis
Star Projection Lamp Star Projection Lamp
Let the stars shine in your room with the help of this original lamp that projects the stars around you and creates a relaxing atmosphere.
7,95 €
Product added
Children's Projector Rotating Lamp Children's Projector Rotating Lamp
This picture projector is perfect for decorating children's rooms or a theme party. Both the little ones and all the guests will be amazed by the magical atmosphere.
16,95 €
Twilight Laser Projector Twilight Laser Projector
With this projector you'll be able to take the universe back to your home. Design a mystical cloud with the moon or stars onto your ceiling or combine everything and have a fascinating starry sky.
59,95 €
Product added
UFO LED Star lamp UFO LED Star lamp
Let the stars shine in your room with the help of this lamp with two lighting options that project the stars around you.
9,95 €
Star Master LED Light Bulb Star Master LED Light Bulb
Let the stars shine in the children's room with this projector lamp. Features immersive projection with various colored leds and rotation.
15,40 €
LED Lamp Stars Playz Kids LED Lamp Stars Playz Kids
Let the stars shine in your room with this projector lamp. It has an enveloping projection on the ceiling and walls.
11,95 €
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Fairy Puzzle 24 Pieces Fairy Puzzle 24 Pieces
With an enchanting illustration related to the fairy theme, this puzzle is a fun challenge for the youngest.
13,95 €
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24 Piece Dinosaur Puzzle 24 Piece Dinosaur Puzzle
Explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs with this 24-piece puzzle, perfect for kids to have educational fun anywhere.
13,95 €
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Mini Metal Puzzle Mini Metal Puzzle
Exercise your mind and test your patience while having fun trying to solve this metal puzzle.
2,95 €
Product added
Wooden Car Puzzle in 3D Wooden Car Puzzle in 3D
Have fun assembling a wooden car in 3D with your own hands, a unique activity perfect for the whole family that combines fun with learning.
3,95 €
Wooden Silhouettes Puzzle Wooden Silhouettes Puzzle
This puzzle comes with a realistic scene on the back where the pieces can be placed standing and children can enjoy hours of play.
4,40 €
Wooden Puzzle with Velcro Wooden Puzzle with Velcro
This colorful puzzle to cut out is a great way for young people to have fun while becoming familiar with the colors and shapes.
4,40 €
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