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10-bag Vacuum Sealer Machine
This sealing machine allows you to divide and preserve food for much longer, preserving all its flavor and nutrients.
19,95 €
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Chef Shark Premium Manual Knife and Scissors Shark
Sharpen your knives and scissors in a few seconds, thanks to this sharpener of knives and scissors. It offers you great results and finishes.
19,99 €
Product added
Vit-2-Go Portable Rechargeable Cup Blender
Thanks to its original and versatile design, you can take this cup blender anywhere to enjoy natural juices and smoothies.
13,95 €
Electric Water Dispenser
It has never been easier and easier to dispense water from the bottle to the glass. With this electric dispenser you just press a button! Ideal for everyone!
9,95 €
Product added
Knife Sharpener
Sharpen your knives in a matter of seconds with the help of this knife sharpener, made of tungsten and carbon alloy, which makes it very light.
16,40 €
Product added
Anti-cut Steel Mesh Glove
Protect your hands in the most delicate tasks with the use of this stainless steel mesh sleeve, ideal for working with sharp objects.
17,95 €

All kitchen utensils

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9-in-1 Adjustable Measuring Spoons
Measuring food will be much easier and more practical with the help of this measuring spoon, which is very useful for the kitchen and for all kinds of recipes.
6,40 €
Product added
Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter
Cut foods of different sizes and shapes with the help of this very ergonomic and easy to use cutter.
24,95 €
Barbecue apron
Complete your comfortable look with this exclusive and unconventional apron, perfect for preparing the best barbecues.
19,95 €
Product added
6-in-1 Grater and Cutter with Accessories
Save effort and space in your kitchen with the help of this complete utensil with 6 functions: cutting, grinding, grating, washing, draining and tidying.
15,40 €
Product added
Fisket Fish Grill
A barbecue grill with an original design for fish, ideal for savoring the best grilled marine delicacies.
15,95 €
Product added
Hamburger pan
Prepare your own hamburgers in a simple, quick and practical way with the help of the Burger Form. It's very easy to use and clean thanks to the detachable parts.
11,95 €
Product added

For drinks

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Wine Oxygenator with Windmill
Enjoy your favorite wines in the best conditions with the help of this wine oxygenator with mill.
19,95 €
Product added
-14% Globo Wine Decanter
Enhance the decoration of your spaces with the help of this beautiful set consisting of a rotating globe-shaped decanter, 2 glasses and various accessories.
45,40 €
52,95 €
Product added
Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper (Pack 2)
A set of 2 caps for champagne bottles with a modern and elegant design that allows you to close them tightly.
6,90 €
Product added
3L Wooden Barrel Dispenser
Store and serve your favorite drink in style thanks to this Wooden Barrel Dispenser with a capacity of 3 liters.
55,40 €
Product added
Wooden Floating Wine Bottle Holder
This wooden holder holds a bottle of wine and stands out for its original and innovative design with a floating effect that keeps the bottle in balance.
16,95 €
Product added
Globo Beverage Dispenser
Serve your drinks in an elegant way with the help of this original globe shaped dispenser that is very easy and practical to use.
43,40 €
Product added

Other Kitchen Accessories

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New Dolce Gusto Reusable Coffee Capsules (3 pieces)
Drink your coffee in a sustainable way and preserve the environment with the help of this set of 3 reusable capsules for Dolce Gusto coffee machines.
5,90 €
Product added
Organizer Basket and Sink Drawer
Keep dishwashing utensils always organized, clean and dry with the help of this Organizer Basket and Sink Drainer.
9,40 €
Product added
Reusable Nespresso Coffee Capsules (5 pieces)
Drink your coffee in a sustainable way and preserve the environment with the help of this set of 5 reusable capsules for Nespresso coffee machines.
7,40 €
Product added
Ice Cream Mold
Delight yourself with healthy and homemade ice cream of the flavors you like the most with the help of this very easy to use ice cream mold for 7 ice creams.
8,40 €
Product added
Silicone Drain Filter
Say goodbye to clogged pipes in a simple and practical way with the help of this innovative Silicone Drain Filter.
1,95 €
Product added
Carica Placemat
Decorate and protect your table with this fun retro plate base in the shape of a caper. There are 4 different models to choose from.
3,40 €

Food preparation

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Dish Clips for Sauces
Serve all kinds of sauces in a practical way and without making anything dirty with the help of these 4 mini containers that fit the edge of plates or platters.
8,95 €
Product added
Support for 24 Coffee Capsules
Organize your coffee capsules in this elegant holder with capacity for 24 capsules. The perfect support for your kitchen!
19,90 €
Product added
10-bag Vacuum Sealer Machine
This sealing machine allows you to divide and preserve food for much longer, preserving all its flavor and nutrients.
19,95 €
Product added
1.5L Cereal Dispenser
Serve your cereals or nuts in a fast and controlled way with the help of this 1.5L capacity dispenser and airtight tank.
15,40 €
Removable Adhesive Kitchen Containers (Pack 2)
A set of two kitchen containers that adhere to the wall and allow you to always have the condiments you use the most at hand.
11,95 €
Product added
Car and Home Electric Lunch Box
Savor fresh food wherever you are with the help of this lunch box! Just plug it into the car's cigarette lighter or a power outlet and enjoy a warm meal!
19,95 €
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