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Health & Beauty

Fog-Out Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth Fog-Out Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth
This cloth allows you to clean the lenses of the glasses while giving them an anti-fog effect.
1,20 €
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Children's Alcohol Gel Dispenser Children's Alcohol Gel Dispenser
This bottle with a children's design is perfect so that the youngest can carry and always have alcohol gel at their disposal anywhere.
1,50 €
Soft Touch Facial Rejuvenator Soft Touch Facial Rejuvenator
Tone and reaffirm your face giving it a youthful, healthy and luminous look with the help of this jade stone rejuvenator.
19,95 €
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Painless Body Epilator Painless Body Epilator
Remove hair instantly and painlessly with the help of this innovative epilator for use in the armpits, legs, arms, groin and puff.
19,90 €
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Perspirable Gel Pad Perspirable Gel Pad
Sit comfortably anywhere with the help of this breathable gel pad. Helps maintain a good posture wherever you are.
19,95 €
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Comb Vacuum Cleaner Antilice Comb Vacuum Cleaner Antilice
Put an end to boring lice and nits in a simple and chemical-free way thanks to this innovative comb, fast, effective and painless.
18,95 €


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Wax Warmer for Depilation Wax Warmer for Depilation
Get long-lasting hair removal and smooth, smooth skin in the comfort of your home with the help of this wax warmer with integrated thermostat.
20,40 €
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Friction Exfoliating Epilator Friction Exfoliating Epilator
This epilator is equipped with nanocrystals that allow you to eliminate hair and dead skin cells in a simple, natural and painless way.
13,95 €
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Deodorizing Capsules for Footwear Deodorizing Capsules for Footwear
These capsules are excellent for neutralizing the unpleasant odors that accumulate in the shoe after use.
8,40 €
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Pulsed Light Epilator with Accessories Pulsed Light Epilator with Accessories
This pulsed light epilator progressively weakens and removes hair comfortably, simply, safely and painlessly.
62,40 €
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Swivel Makeup Organizer Swivel Makeup Organizer
This organizer allows you to place your makeup products in an orderly manner in order to take up little space and to easily access them.
26,95 €
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Anti-noise earplugs Anti-noise earplugs
These earplugs are a great help in reducing environmental noise in the most varied situations that require concentration, without completely abstracting yourself from the surrounding environment.
19,40 €
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For hands and feet

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New Anti-friction Heel Pads Anti-friction Heel Pads
Protect your heels from all types of footwear with the help of these discreet cushions that are easily applied through their adhesive surface.
15,95 €
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Christmas Hand Warmer Christmas Hand Warmer
Keep your hands warm on colder days with the help of this mini portable hand warmer with designs alluding to Christmas.
5,95 €
UV LED Nail Dryer UV LED Nail Dryer
Dry your nails conveniently and quickly with the help of this dryer. Small and light, it's ideal for carrying your own beauty salon with you at all times!
13,95 €
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Cloud Hand Warmer Cloud Hand Warmer
Enjoy a pleasant feeling of warmth on colder days thanks to this cloud-shaped hand warmer. It's extremely soft and soft to the touch.
15,95 €
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Rainbow Hand Warmer Rainbow Hand Warmer
The Rainbow Hand Warmer will be your best ally to fight the winter cold. It's extremely soft and soft to the touch.
12,40 €
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Mermaid Belly and Hand Warmer Mermaid Belly and Hand Warmer
The Mermaid Belly and Hand Warmer will be your best ally to fight the winter cold. It's extremely soft and soft to the touch.
15,95 €
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Door Safety Blocker Door Safety Blocker
Keep dangerous places out of the reach of children with the help of this door blocker, very easy to apply.
8,95 €
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Teeth Whitening Tapes Teeth Whitening Tapes
Easy to apply for 14 days, these strips help eliminate stains on the surface of the teeth and are ideal for use on yellowed and dark teeth.
16,95 €
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Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Rechargeable Oral Irrigator
This irrigator has everything to achieve a complete cleaning of teeth and gums, easily removing all types of dirt and residues.
23,40 €
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Motion Sickness Bracelets (Pack 2) Motion Sickness Bracelets (Pack 2)
Without using chemicals, these bracelets act on a pressure point on the wrists (P6: Nei-Kuan), very effective in relieving nausea quickly.
9,90 €
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-23% Children's Electric Toothbrush Children's Electric Toothbrush
An electric toothbrush for children that offers a deep cleaning with lots of fun. It includes 3 operating modes and 2 brush refills.
19,95 €
25,95 €
U-shaped Electric Toothbrush for Kids U-shaped Electric Toothbrush for Kids
An electric toothbrush for children that offers you deep cleaning in just 30 seconds and lots of fun. Includes 4 brushing modes.
23,40 €


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Hot/Cold Therapy Adjustable Gel Cushion Hot/Cold Therapy Adjustable Gel Cushion
This hot and cold gel cushion is very versatile because its relaxing and soothing properties contribute to overall well-being.
10,95 €
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Anti-stress brain Anti-stress brain
Relax with this anti-stress brain, ideal for releasing accumulated stress and transmitting good mood thanks to its fun appearance.
8,40 €
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Giant Anti-stress Ball Giant Anti-stress Ball
Relieve all the stress on this giant 26 cm ball. It is the perfect anti-stress ball for those who are always stressed and need a lot of freedom.
10,40 €
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Beldisso Rechargeable Cordless Heat and Massage Belt Beldisso Rechargeable Cordless Heat and Massage Belt
Combat the usual everyday annoyances and feel good with the help of this Beldisse-Rechargeable Cordless Heat and Massage Belt.
35,40 €
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-28% Plush Electric Hot Water Bag Plush Electric Hot Water Bag
This teddy bear shaped electric water bag is very soft and cozy. The best ally in combating cold and muscle pain.
14,40 €
19,95 €
Galaxy Gel Mask Galaxy Gel Mask
Don't let any light interfere with your rest and get a great night's sleep with the help of this blue gel mask with small white stars.
5,95 €
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