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10-bag Vacuum Sealer Machine
This sealing machine allows you to divide and preserve food for much longer, preserving all its flavor and nutrients.
19,95 €
Product added
Shoeasy Shoe Shoe and Shoe Shoe
This non-slip footwear allows you to put on socks and shoes in no time without having to crouch. Recommended for elderly and pregnant women.
14,40 €
Product added
Mini Digital Camera for Kids Rabbit 1080P HD
With this mini digital camera, saving memories will be much more fun. Includes various effects and frames for photos and different games.
27,40 €
Flashing Soap Bubble Gun
A pistol with luminous effects to fill the streets with soap bubbles. The fun will never be lacking around you!
6,40 €
Product added
Triangular Magnetic Glass Cleaner
Clean your windows quickly and effectively with the help of this magnetic window cleaner that reaches every corner.
12,95 €
Fidget Sensory Bubbles Pop Pop in Silicone
A silicone fidget that gives you the feel of bubble bubble bubble bubble while helping to relieve stress and maintain concentration.
3,90 €
Chef Shark Premium Manual Knife and Scissors Shark
Sharpen your knives and scissors in a few seconds, thanks to this sharpener of knives and scissors. It offers you great results and finishes.
19,99 €
Product added
360º Rotating Magic Mopa Cooldown Cloth
A microfiber refill cloth for use compatible with the Mopa Magic Rotating 360º.
2,60 €
Product added
Fog-Out Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth
This cloth allows you to clean the lenses of the glasses while giving them an anti-fog effect.
1,25 €
Product added
Expert Brush Rowing Extender
This extender is suitable for those who want to play sports without having to go to the gym. Tones, defines and improves the flexibility of the whole body.
11,95 €
Product added
Window Bed for Cats
Offer maximum comfort to your cat with the help of this fantastic bed to put in the window, for example with the help of your suction cups.
18,95 €
Product added
Children's Alcohol Gel Dispenser
This bottle with a children's design is perfect so that the youngest can carry and always have alcohol gel at their disposal anywhere.
1,90 €
Soft Touch Facial Rejuvenator
Tone and reaffirm your face giving it a youthful, healthy and luminous look with the help of this jade stone rejuvenator.
19,95 €
Product added
Clothes Vacuum Bag with Hanger 145 x 70 cm
The best way to store your clothes and save space, keeping it free of dust and odors. Includes a hanger for hanging in the closet.
6,90 €
Product added
Resistance Bands with Grips (11 Pieces)
Create your own home gym with the help of this complete 11-piece Resistance Bands set! Includes carrying bag to always take with you!
19,95 €
Product added
Triple Card Holder Wallet
Protect your cards as best as possible and access them quickly with the help of this Triple Card Holder.
10,95 €
Musical Crab with Bath Soap Bubbles
Capture the attention of the children to enjoy bathing time with the help of this crab shaped musical toy that generates soap bubbles.
14,95 €
Product added
-18% EMS Fit Boot Toning
Exercise your abs and biceps easily and comfortably. This electrostimulator has 4 programs and can be used at any time.
15,90 €
19,40 €
Product added
Anti-Lice Vacuum Cleaner Comb Filters (Pack 5)
Set of 5 catch filters to use no Comb Anti-Eye Vacuum Cleaner and get rid of nits and lice once and for all!
6,40 €
Product added
Insect Repellent Pest Reject Pro
Pest Reject Pro combines advanced electromagnetism and ultra sound technology that more effectively repels rodents and flying insects.
18,95 €
Product added
-14% Perspirable Gel Pad
Sit comfortably anywhere with the help of this breathable gel pad. Helps maintain a good posture wherever you are.
17,20 €
19,95 €
Product added
-14% Electric Water Dispenser
It has never been easier and easier to dispense water from the bottle to the glass. With this electric dispenser you just press a button! Ideal for everyone!
8,60 €
9,95 €
Product added
Rodent and Insect Repellent Pest Control
A device that uses the electricity grid of the house to emit waves and thus ward off mosquitoes and rodents. Includes night led light.
9,95 €
Product added
Comb Vacuum Cleaner Antilice
Put an end to boring lice and nits in a simple and chemical-free way thanks to this innovative comb, fast, effective and painless.
18,95 €
Knife Sharpener
Sharpen your knives in a matter of seconds with the help of this knife sharpener, made of tungsten and carbon alloy, which makes it very light.
16,40 €
Product added
Anti-Snoring Nasal Dilator
This nasal dilator releases breathing, increases breathing capacity and decreases breathing effort, preventing or reducing snoring.
3,90 €
Product added
Anti-Drop Paint Roller Kit
This paint set is the ideal solution for painting the walls and ceilings of your spaces with the guarantee of a uniform finish without splashing.
19,40 €
Product added
Cleaning Kit for Hair Removal
This kit is practical and effective to remove hair from various surfaces! It includes a double brush and a self-cleaning base that allows you to reuse the brush.
12,95 €
Thermal Bag with Hot and Cold Gel 300g
The Cold and Heat Gel Thermal Bag is the suitable option for the application of cold and therapeutic heat, as it perfectly moulds to the body.
2,95 €
Product added
Viscoelastic Couple Mattress Aloe Mistletoe
The Aloe Mistletoe Viscoelastic Couple Mattress combines the necessary qualities for a perfect rest.
289,95 €
My Way Music Box
A crank-crank music box. Listen to this classic music popularized by Frank Sinatra.
7,95 €
Product added
Anti-cut Steel Mesh Glove
Protect your hands in the most delicate tasks with the use of this stainless steel mesh sleeve, ideal for working with sharp objects.
17,95 €
Elastic Shaping Strap
A comfortable strap that tightens through hooks and helps shape the silhouette. Slim and elastic, it is ideal to wear underneath clothing.
9,95 €
-15% Relaxing Eye Gel Mask
This relaxing blue eye gel mask is great after a complicated day at work. It is very easy to use.
2,90 €
3,40 €
Product added
Fitness Electric Trafer 1000W
A running mat to run whenever you want! Fantastic to stay in shape without leaving home!
259,95 €
Product added
Electric Hot Water Bag
Perfect for reducing muscle pain and warming you on long winter days. All you have to do is plug it into the electric power for a few minutes.
6,95 €
Fit X Slim Men's Reducing T-Shirt
A top to put under the clothes that helps to get an elegant and patterned silhouette. An excellent solution for men!
9,95 €
Anti-Insect Magnetic Curtain
Protect your home from mosquitoes and other annoying insects thanks to this very easy to install door curtain.
9,95 €
Relax Anti-Fatigue Rest Socks
How long are you on your feet? Do you take long trips? Are you suffering from poor circulation? These socks provide a feeling of immediate relief!
6,40 €
Parent spectacle holder
A pretty original spectacle holder. This is the figure of a man with a huge, ergonomic nose to put down his glasses.
13,40 €
Product added
Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner
Effectively sucks all the loose hair that your pet leaves around the house. Have the house always clean!
9,95 €
Product added
Spy Microphone w/ SIM card
A microphone that allows you to hear what is happening in your home, office, car, etc. A brilliant surveillance equipment to help you live more relaxed!
24,95 €
Product added

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