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Flexible Tablet Stand
This stand is great for watching videos, taking photos, reading books, and more. Extremely strong spring ensures your tablet stays safe and stable.
15,95 €
Product added
Retro Dance Mat
Give your parties a new life and show off your best dance moves with the help of this dance mat that connects to the TV. So much fun!
53,95 €
Product added
-12% Vintage Projector for Smartphones
Create a special atmosphere and watch an original movie session from the comfort of your home with the help of this projector for smartphones.
14,90 €
16,95 €
Product added
Portable Sound Speaker with 2 Microphones
If you have an aspiring artist at home offer him this speaker with two microphones and sing with him the hits of the moment!
41,95 €
Product added
Mojipower Heart Cable Protector
Protect your cables with great love thanks to this fun heart-shaped cable protector.
4,94 €
Product added
-18% Foldable Drum Set
This Foldable Battery Set is easy to carry and can be used anywhere as it is foldable and takes up very little space.
36,90 €
44,95 €
Product added
Tribe Deck Power Bank Game of Thrones Throne 4000 mAh
A portable external battery of 4000 mAh inspired by the Game of Thrones series, which guarantees a power reserve for your smartphone or iPad.
29,99 €
Product added
Neck Reading LED Light
A convenient and practical light to read of great use for reading lovers, since this reading light allows you to read anywhere with discretion.
9,95 €
Product added
Poster 100 Films 42 x 60 cm
Movie lovers will love this scratchcard poster featuring 100 illustrations of the most iconic films of all time.
9,95 €
Product added
Snug Rug Rainbow Mermaid Blanket
This cheerful and soft mermaid tail blanket will give wings to the imagination of the youngest and make your days a lot more fun!
21,95 €
Product added
Unicorn Kanguru Blankets
A cheerful blanket inspired by unicorns has arrived where imagination combines with comfort and will make your children's day even more fun!
18,95 €
Product added
Valentine's Day Puzzle Customizable Heart
A customizable puzzle that will make your Valentine's Day much more romantic. Choose your favorite photo to personalize it with your significant other.
10,90 €
Kanguru Kids Princess Hoodie
Kids will love to wear this cape and feel like real princesses. It's perfect for playing and to dress up on colder days!
21,40 €
Product added
30 Day Fitness Challenge
Exercising is fundamental to our physical and mental health. Try this challenge and you will see that it will be easier to reach your goal.
11,95 €
Product added
Keychain Organizer
Organize and protect your keys with this washers snap system. It prevents the keys from making noise, scratching, breaking, or getting lost.
7,95 €
Product added
-12% Monkey Piggy Bank
A piggy bank with an energetic monkey that will keep your savings well protected. It's perfect for kids to save!
22,90 €
25,95 €
Product added
Blue Shark Mug
An original mug allusive to sharks, thanks to its original fin handle and teeth design on the mug. Ideal gift for all lovers of sharks and mugs out of the ordinary.
9,95 €
Product added
Unicorn Touch LED Watch
This digital unicorn wristwatch works with a simple touch of the screen that shows the time and date. A great gift idea for the youngest.
11,40 €
Product added
Mini Shamballa Pearl Bracelet
A beautiful silver plated bracelet composed of 2 different types of balls. The ideal bracelet to wear on a special occasion (birthday, party...) or to offer. Includes a nice gift box.
9,40 €
Product added
Hot Feet White Microwave Heating Slippers
Say goodbye to cold feet and warm them up easily with these cuddly slippers that heat up quickly in the microwave. They are unisex and one-size-fits-all.
18,95 €
Product added
Pink Rainbow Unicorn Socks
With the Pink Rainbow Unicorn Socks there are no boring days. Soft, soft and warm, it's the perfect pair of socks for those who love to see.
9,95 €
Product added
Large Coloring Paper 4 Meters
A sheet of coloring paper decorated with princesses, knights, castles and dragons. Ideal for the youngest to train their painting and creativity.
6,95 €
Product added
Glow in the Dark Magic Drawing Board
Breathe new life into your children's drawings with the help of the Glow in the Dark Magic Drawing Board. Includes 4 markers and 6 drawings to copy.
26,40 €
Learning Block Tower
A set of ten stackable blocks that helps children learn numbers, colors, and animals. Perfect for developing motor skills and logical thinking.
9,95 €
Product added
Toy Bench with Wooden Tools
A worktop with wooden tools for small carpenters. Ideal to help young people develop motor skills.
53,95 €
Product added
Unicorn with Bath Light
Make bath time much more fun for kids with the help of this unicorn shaped toy that emits lights up.
4,95 €
Product added
Fruits and Vegetables to Cut Set
A set consisting of different vegetables and fruits to cut, perfect to complete the youngest's play kitchen.
18,95 €
Product added
Children's Projector Rotating Lamp
This picture projector is perfect for decorating children's rooms or a theme party. Both the little ones and all the guests will be amazed by the magical atmosphere.
18,95 €
Piano at Your Fingertips
An innovative gadget for playing the piano anywhere. Each tip has knobs that produce piano tones, so you can play music on any flat, hard surface.
13,40 €
Product added
Table Foosball Game
Place foosball on a table, challenge your friends and family, and start adding scores on markers on either side of the table.
54,40 €
Product added
Over The Rainbow Music Box
A crank-crank music box. Listen to the classic theme “Over The Rainbow”.
7,95 €
Product added
Laser Tag Gun
Invite a friend to play: each pistol has 6 lives and when hit by the other pistol, it loses a life. Good luck surviving this game.
22,95 €
Product added
PlayMais Mosaic Kit
A game that will allow children to create colorful figures of zoo animals. Perfect for stimulating creativity in a fun way.
14,40 €
Product added
Science4you Paper Mill
Reduce your ecological footprint by giving newspapers, magazines and other materials a new life with the help of Science4you Paper Factory!
19,99 €
Product added
Wooden Domino Animals
This dominoes are composed of 28 wooden pieces with animal designs and with very attractive colors, ideal for children to have fun.
10,40 €
Product added
Glowy Ghost Colorful LED Lamp
Decorate the room of the youngest in an original and fun way with the help of this complete lamp that can also be used as a nightlight and toy!
11,95 €
Product added
Window Bed for Cats
Offer maximum comfort to your cat with the help of this fantastic bed to put in the window, for example with the help of your suction cups.
18,95 €
Product added
Old Map Lava Lamp
Decorate your spaces with this original lava lamp with an old map design, which creates shapes and movements that never stop changing.
38,95 €
Product added
Birds Jewelry Holder
A pole and bird stand to store jewellery pieces! A great gift idea for her!
12,40 €
Product added
Goloka Sandalwood Aromatic Oil
Create a warm and exotic atmosphere in the rooms of your home with the help of this oil with a pleasant sandalwood aroma.
3,40 €
Product added
Medusa lamp
This lamp contains two artificial jellyfish that move smoothly in colored water. Thanks to the LED lights, it provides a cozy and fascinating environment.
25,95 €
Product added
Check-in Check-out Entrance Mat
Feel like a hotel whenever you enter or leave the house and get the real feeling of staying in the most welcoming place thanks to this original rug.
22,40 €
Product added
Firework Crystal Ball
Make your home environment fun with this crystal ball lamp that will allow you to watch a fireworks show.
24,95 €
Product added
Jug of Dreams and Desires
Write your dreams and desires on the six included color papers and put them back in the glass bottle before placing the cork.
10,40 €
Product added
Cat USB Mug Warmer
Keep your drinks warm easily on colder days with the help of this original cat-shaped mug warmer with USB connection.
10,95 €
Product added
Mother Lucky Equilibrium Bracelet
A beautiful silver plated bracelet ideal to offer to your mother. The message is recorded: “My mother by chance, my friend by choice”.
17,95 €
Product added
-27% Kama Sutra Dices Game
Embark on new experiences with your date and have fun playing with this pair of Kama Sutra dice.
3,60 €
4,90 €
Product added
Kama Sutra Decision Making Ball
Shake this heart and see which position of the Kama Sutra you should try. An exciting game to try as a couple.
12,95 €
Product added
Wheat Brewing Kit
Prepare your beer at home easily! After just a week, your homemade beer is ready and will have a wonderful and natural taste!
32,90 €
Product added
Set of 2 Gin Cups
Liven up your parties and create the best Gin combinations. Then serve them in these special cups.
11,95 €
Product added

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