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For the bathroom

Toothpaste Juicer
Use the toothpaste contained in the tubes to the end with the help of this easy-to-use juicer. Includes a hook and suction cup for hanging.
2,95 €
Product added
Silicone Lid with Filter for Washbasin
Say goodbye to clogged pipes in a simple and practical way with the help of the innovative Silicone Lid with Sink Filter.
2,95 €
Sisal Soft Exfoliation Cushion
Keep your skin soft and radiant all year round while protecting the planet with the help of this 100% biodegradable sponge.
3,40 €
Product added
Bath Inflatable Animal
An inflatable animal that will take the youngest on water adventures at bathing time. Ideal also for taking to the pool or beach.
3,45 €
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Out of stock Sisal Exfoliating Glove
Keep your skin soft and luminous all year round with the help of this eco-friendly scrub glove made of sisal and cotton.
5,95 €
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Aromatherapy Potion 350g - Passion
Make your bath even more relaxing with this smelling Aromatherapy Potion with an exotic scent of Ylang-Ylang, Lemon and Orange.
6,95 €
Product added
Aromatherapy Potion 350g - Colds and Flu
Protect yourself from colds and flu by adding this potion to your bath thanks to the properties of natural sea salt with eucalyptus, ginger and black pepper.
6,95 €
Product added
Aromatherapy Potion 350g - Full Rest
Make your bath even more relaxing and restful with this smelling Aromatherapy Potion with a pleasant aroma of lavender, orange and basil.
6,95 €
Product added
Silicone Back Brush
This cleaning brush is perfect for cleaning and exfoliating hard-to-reach areas of the body, such as the back. With 2 handles it's very easy to use.
7,95 €
Himalayan Bath Salt Mixtures - Detox
Detoxicate your body and have a unique aromatherapy bath experience thanks to the powers of Himalayan salt combined with oils and dried herbs.
8,40 €
Product added
Himalayan Bath Salt Mixtures - Energize
Feel completely revitalized and have a unique aromatherapy bath experience with the help of this blend of Himalayan salt and essential oils.
8,95 €
Product added
Portable Female Urinol
This urinal for women is designed to make life easier for them, as it allows them to perform the physiological needs of foot, in a simple, hygienic and comfortable way.
9,40 €
Product added
Toothpaste Dispenser with Stand
A holder for up to 5 toothbrushes and a toothpaste dispenser, which provides you with the optimal amount of toothpaste with all the convenience.
9,95 €
Product added
Silicone Bath Organizer
With multiple compartments and very easy to place, this organizer is ideal for placing small personal hygiene objects in the toilet.
9,95 €
Product added
Set of 24 Red Soap Roses
Show off your most romantic side and enjoy a smelling bath with the help of this set of 24 red roses made of soap.
10,40 €
Product added
Set of 24 Soap Pink Roses
Surprise a special person with the help of this set of 24 soap roses that will make the baths more smelling and leave the skin soft and silky.
10,40 €
Product added
Antibacterial Rubber Toilet Squeeze
An original and antibacterial toilet brush that allows you to clean the toilet thoroughly, without spreading drips on the floor! It includes a breathable base for quick drying.
11,95 €
Product added
Multi-function Ecological Shower
The use of this shower provides numerous positive and relaxing effects on the skin thanks to its mineral components of germanium and tourmaline.
12,95 €
Product added
Effervescent Unicorn Bath Balls
Turn your bathtub into a magical moment with the help of these effervescent balls that dissolve in the water and create intense, vivid colors!
12,95 €
Product added
Memory Stretch Bath Mat
A memory foam mat so as not to slip when leaving the bath. It is ultra-absorbent and non-slip.
13,95 €
Product added
Multipurpose Shower with Aromatherapy and Minerals
Take care of your skin and feel the relaxing and beneficial effects transmitted by the minerals and aromas incorporated in this shower.
15,95 €
Product added
Out of stock 3 Pieces R. Polaris Bath Set
With an elegant and modern design, this set of 3 bath towels is extremely soft and soft to the touch.
16,95 €
Automatic Soap Dispenser S520
This automatic dispenser with proximity sensor is ideal for maintaining the hygiene of your toilet at its best. Capacity of 520 ml approx.
18,95 €
Product added
Piaçaba with Detergent Dispenser
Thanks to this 2-in-1 piaçaba, you'll never want to use a conventional one again. Have this great ally in your home to ensure a cleaner and more fragrant space.
19,40 €
Product added
Bathtub Safety Handle
To avoid slipping and falling. Attaches to the wall of the bathroom or the bathtub, allowing to move in the bathroom without taking risks.
19,40 €
Product added
UV Sterilizer with Smiluv Toothpaste Dispenser and Holder
Keep your oral hygiene free of bacteria with the help of this UV sterilizer that includes a toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser.
24,95 €
Product added
Dr. Toilet Style Squatty Potty
This adjustable physiological bench allows you to adopt a natural posture when you go to the toilet. It is discreet, compact and adapts to any bathroom!
28,95 €
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