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Other toys

Adoramals Soap Bubble Maker
Give your little ones hours of fun at home with the help of this Soap Bubble Maker with an original and fun design.
1,95 €
Polvo Pop It Silicone Bracelet 22 cm
This silicone bracelet will greatly amuse the youngest. Helps to stay focused and combat everyday stress.
3,40 €
Fidget Sensory Bubbles Pop Pop in Silicone
A silicone fidget that gives you the feel of bubble bubble bubble bubble while helping to relieve stress and maintain concentration.
3,90 €
Magic Sand for Kids
A colorful magic sand that seems to melt between your fingers. Shape it up or watch it flow. It does not contain ingredients that are toxic or harmful to children.
4,40 €
Unicorn with Bath Light
Make bath time much more fun for kids with the help of this unicorn shaped toy that emits lights up.
4,95 €
Product added
Eye Slime
The Eye Slime is a very monstrous, fantastic viscous mass for the youngest to play and spend hours of fun!
4,95 €
Product added
Ondamania Colored Spring
This classic toy will amuse the younger ones, as it allows you to do various tricks thanks to its extendable and supple body.
4,95 €
Product added
Finger Tip Rotation Stress Reliever Toy
This toy is perfect to always have with you and resort to it when you need to pass the time or relieve stress.
4,95 €
Finger Tip Gyro Stress Reliever Toy
This toy is perfect to always have with you and resort to it when you need to pass the time or relieve stress.
4,95 €
Finger Tip Magic Bean Stress Reliever Toy
This toy is perfect to always have with you and resort to it when you need to pass the time or relieve stress.
4,95 €
Magic Scratch Kit
The Magic Scratch Kit is perfect for entertaining and entertaining children for several hours. Just scratch off the scratched sheets to create colorful designs.
4,95 €
Product added
Game with Darts and Velcro Balls
This game combines the precision and coordination of children's movements, helps with their ability to concentrate, precision and dexterity, and is a lot of fun.
5,40 €
Product added
ZT Rambird Boomerang
A model that is already assembled and that allows you to turn around and still land on the included mini track.
5,90 €
Product added
Large Coloring Paper 4 Meters
A sheet of coloring paper decorated with princesses, knights, castles and dragons. Ideal for the youngest to train their painting and creativity.
6,95 €
Product added
Magical Magnetic Mass
A fun magnetic mass that can be handled in multiple ways and provides several hours of entertainment for the youngest.
7,40 €
Product added
Wooden Labyrinth Game
This game is an excellent aid to increase the ability to concentrate and patience, since it requires the child's attention while having fun.
7,50 €
Fidget Pack 8 Tubes 23 mm
The Pop Malleable Tubes are perfect for restless children, as they will find plenty of play possibilities and hours of fun in them.
7,95 €
Product added
Glow in the Dark Alien Digging Kit
The youngest can now have fun and practice their paleontologist skills thanks to this glow-in-the-dark alien digging kit.
7,95 €
Product added
Octopus Bath Toy
This colorful octopus shaped toy is a lot of fun for kids to use while bathing.
9,40 €
Product added
Soap Bubble Making Chamber
If your kids like cameras and soap bubbles, then the Soap Bubble Making Chamber is the ideal toy for them.
9,90 €
Out of stock Push Elephant with Wooden Loop
This didactic toy not only helps stimulate children's motor skills and logical thinking, but will also provide hours of fun.
9,95 €
Product added
Foldable Play Mat
The great advantage of this rug is that it allows you to collect all the toys at once without risking losing them.
9,95 €
Product added
Out of stock Bowling Minnions game
Test your aim and bring them all down! This portable bowling game is a lot of fun and perfect for outdoor play with friends!
9,95 €
Product added
Out of stock Inflatable Soldier 102 cm
Using this inflatable is an easy and safe way to keep children fit and active, spending their energy while having fun training.
10,95 €
Product added
Out of stock Inflatable Fighter 94 cm
Using this bag is an easy and safe way to keep kids fit and active, spending their energy while having fun training.
10,95 €
Intex Inflatable Animal 95 cm
This inflatable animal helps kids stay fit and active, spending their energy while having fun training.
10,95 €
Foam Building Blocks
This set consists of 29 soft foam building blocks with different colors and shapes, perfect for stimulating children's imagination.
10,95 €
Product added
Super Ball Race Circuit
Composed of 105 pieces, the challenge of this fun toy is to create challenging roads and throw the balls from the starting point.
11,40 €
Product added
Height Gauge for Children
This height meter is an animal shaped measuring ruler, perfect to keep up with young people's growth with joy and enthusiasm.
11,95 €
Bouncing Ball Emoji
With this bouncing ball, the fun doesn't end. It's very easy to fill and it will certainly be a lot of fun to use!
11,95 €
Floating Octopus with Rings 6 Pieces
The Floating Octopus with 6 Pieces Rings is a fun toy that will become the ideal companion to liven up bath time for the youngest!
14,40 €
Product added
Magic Car Track 220 Pieces
A racetrack that twists, bends and glows in the dark. A 220-piece circuit that is easy to assemble and, above all, a lot of fun!
14,40 €
Product added
Musical Crab with Bath Soap Bubbles
Capture the attention of the children to enjoy bathing time with the help of this crab shaped musical toy that generates soap bubbles.
14,95 €
Product added
Stamp Kit (60 pieces)
Encourage the creativity and learning of the little ones in a fun way with the help of this set consisting of 60 stamps of emojis and animals.
14,95 €
Product added
Kaleidoscope for Children
Watch a magical explosion of color thanks to the fantastic Kaleidoscope for Kids. It is the classic toy that guarantees a lot of fun.
14,95 €
Zip-Zap Wooden Cascade Tower
This wooden tower will entertain the little ones for hours! Its vertical structure allows cars to descend from ramp to ramp, zigzag.
15,95 €
Product added
Unicorn Notebook and Pen
A unicorn notebook and pen set that will make a great gift idea for small writers.
16,40 €
Product added
-13% Balloon Car Toy
It's a fun new way to launch cars at high speed! The more air is inside the balloon, the further the car gets!
16,90 €
19,40 €
Product added
Mud Bouncing Ball
With the Mud Bouncing Ball, the fun doesn't end. It's very easy to fill and will certainly be a lot of fun to use!
16,95 €
Product added
Froggly Soap Bubbles Making Machine
Make children's parties extremely fun with the help of this adorable frog-shaped machine that produces over 500 soap bubbles per minute.
17,40 €
Product added
Fruits and Vegetables to Cut Set
A set consisting of different vegetables and fruits to cut, perfect to complete the youngest's play kitchen.
18,95 €
Product added
New Children's Pop up gazebo Pink
The Pink Folding Tent is a dream tent in the shape of a magical castle, perfect for all little dreamers.
19,95 €
Product added
New Children's Pop up gazebo Blue
The Blue Folding Tent is a dream tent, magical castle shaped, perfect for all little dreamers.
19,95 €
Product added
Soap Bubble Launcher Trolley
This toy is perfect for children to learn how to take care of the lawn but will also cheer them up by the amount of soap bubbles that will be released by the stroller.
22,40 €
Product added
Laser Tag Gun
Invite a friend to play: each pistol has 6 lives and when hit by the other pistol, it loses a life. Good luck surviving this game.
22,95 €
Product added
-12% Children's Cartoon Projector
A drawing projector that encourages children to learn how to paint. Includes 3 projection slides, 12 filter pens, a sketchbook and eraser.
25,90 €
29,40 €
Out of stock Mini Digital Camera for Kids Rabbit 1080P HD
With this mini digital camera, saving memories will be much more fun. Includes various effects and frames for photos and different games.
27,40 €
Magnetic Darts
Put your aim to the test with the Magnetic Darts game. It's perfect for spending a fun evening between friends and family.
27,40 €
Product added
Dinosaur Car Launch Track
29,95 €
Product added
Wooden Pool Table 50 cm
This small 50 cm pool table is the ideal solution for practicing with children and spending fun moments with the family.
33,40 €
Product added
Table football 69 x 37 cm
Organize your own soccer championships with the help of this small table of football and start adding points on the scoreboard.
36,95 €
Product added
Wooden Candy Box Toy
This set consists of a wooden box with a handle and a zipper and lots of delicious looking cutlery and sweets. Ideal for the youngest to play!
39,40 €
Product added
Playground Vallado Malla Hexa Blue
Kids will love playing in what will be their own space. Safe and comfortable, parents do not have to worry and can rest assured!
39,95 €
Product added
Car Park in Madeira
This toy consists of 27 elements that, once built, will form a realistic garage of excellent appearance.
49,40 €
Product added
XL Trolley and Workshop with Tools for Kids
This workshop stroller with lots of tools is the ideal toy for the youngest to spend fun times and develop their manual skills and creativity.
54,40 €
Product added
Musical Swinging Horse
This musical rocking horse is a toy that all kids love. Helps develop balance, muscle strength and sense of balance.
62,95 €
Product added
Children's 3-in-1 Tunnel Tent
The 3-in-1 Children's Tunnel Tent consists of 3 elements and entertains the youngest for several hours. Ideal for having fun at home or in the garden.
65,95 €
Product added
Kids Wooden Kitchen with Accessories
This wooden kitchen is a dream gift to offer to the youngest who aspire to be cooks. Includes various accessories for many hours of fun.
73,40 €
Product added
XXL Kitchen with Children's Accessories
This realistic, multifunctional kitchen includes everything little cooks need to prepare dinner in the land of make-believe. It promotes your intellectual development.
93,95 €
Product added
Large Wooden Kitchen for Kids
This large and multifunctional wooden kitchen will ensure hours of fun for kids. It promotes their intellectual development.
122,40 €
Product added
Retro Red Fuel Pump
It is an excellent, very realistic toy that allows children to let their imagination run wild. They're going to love the feeling of being adults for moments.
239,95 €
Product added

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