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Curtains and insect repellents

Out of stock Citronella Anti-Mosquito Bracelet
Get rid of insect bites thanks to this bracelet. With natural essence of citronella oil, it is effective against mosquitoes and insects.
1.95 £
Anti-Insect Window Curtain
Leave the bugs out with this mosquito net for window! It is easy to apply and an excellent barrier against insects.
5.95 £
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Soothing for Mosquito Bites
End the burning and itching caused by insect bites thanks to this soothing, very easy to apply in bites.
7.95 £
Product added
Mosquito Electric Racket
This racket produces small electrical discharges that fulminate flying insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, which are hit by it.
7.95 £
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Pest eProtect
A device that uses the electricity in your home to radiate electrical waves that will send all the bugs and insects away!
9.95 £
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Anti-Insect Magnetic Curtain
Protect your home from mosquitoes and other annoying insects thanks to this very easy to install door curtain.
9.95 £
LED Anti-Insect Lamp
The LED Anti-Insect Lamp is a combination of a lamp with an effective insect elimination electrical device for your home.
10.40 £
Product added
Insect and Rodent Repellent Mini
A device that uses the electrical grid of the house to emit waves and thus ward off the bugs and insects!
11.40 £
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KL LITTO LED Light Ultrasonic Repeller
A device that keeps all insects away using its ultrasonic technology. It is equipped with an LED light with 2 intensity levels.
12.40 £
Product added
KL Lite Suction Antimosquitoes Lamp
This anti-mosquito lamp works by suction and is very effective in eliminating insects in an environmentally friendly, natural way and without causing unpleasant smells.
14.40 £
Product added
KL Globe Mosquito Lamp
Say goodbye to insects in a practical, economical and ecological way with the help of this lamp that emits UV LED light and traps all mosquitoes.
14.95 £
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Out of stock Banic Rechargeable Ultrasound Anti-Mosquito Bracelet
This anti-mosquito bracelet works through ultrasons and protects from mosquitoes bites. Ideal for all adults and children.
15.40 £
Product added
Star Antimosquito lamp
An anti-mosquito lamp that works by suction and is very effective in eliminating insects in an environmentally friendly way. Safe for babies and pregnant women.
15.40 £
Ecological Flies Scatter
Flies will never again be a cause for annoyance with the help of this Fly Spanker who drives them away without using any chemical component!
17.95 £
Product added
Anti-Insect LED USB lamp
Finish the daily fight against insects simply and effectively with the help of this lamp that emits UV light and LED light.
17.95 £
Product added
Insect Repellent Pest Reject Pro
Pest Reject Pro combines advanced electromagnetism and ultra sound technology that more effectively repels rodents and flying insects.
18.95 £
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InstaKiller Pest Repellent
An electric repellent with ultraviolet light and ultrasonic waves that helps control the pests of insects and rodents in your home.
19.95 £
Product added
KL Box Anti-Mosquito Lamp
Say goodbye to insects in a practical, economical and ecological way with the help of this lamp that emits UV LED light. It can be used indoors or outdoors.
19.95 £
Product added
Inkil KL-1500 Anti-Insect Lamp
This trap against mosquitoes and flies is ideal for keeping the house free of these flying intruders. UV light attracts insects and eliminates them. For an area of 30m2.
19.95 £
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Out of stock 5-in-1 Electric Insect Repellent
It scares off insects and rodents. Ultrasonic, electromagnetic, ionic and electromagnetic waves. LED indicators, night light and light sensor.
28.95 £
Product added
Swateck anti-mosquitoes lamp and racket
A lamp and a racket with UV light that attracts and eliminates insects. Perfect for use anywhere!
38.95 £
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