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Heaters and air conditioners

Out of stock Seal for Double Roller Doors
Avoid air inlets and outlets through the edges of doors and windows with the help of this quick and easy to apply sealant.
7,95 €
Product added
Cat USB Mug Warmer
Keep your drinks warm easily on colder days with the help of this original cat-shaped mug warmer with USB connection.
10,95 €
Product added
New Power Plug Heater with Remote Control
Watch the effect of flames moving on the front of this heater as it warms up on cold days. Ideal for heating small rooms!
22,95 €
Product added
Table Fan 35 W
This discreet fan has an innovative and functional design and is very practical to put on a table and combat heat in summer.
22,95 €
Product added
Heater without cable 400W
Arrived the portable heater that heats any room quickly and easily. It has no cables, it connects directly to the electrical outlet!
25,95 €
Product added
Connecting to Outlet Heater without Cordless
Arrived the portable heater that heats any room quickly and easily. It has no cables, it connects directly to the electrical outlet!
27,40 €
Product added
Out of stock White Box Solo Fan
A comfortable and practical fan with a modern and compact design. Very easy to carry. Ideal for ventilating living rooms or bedrooms.
27,95 €
Product added
Heatcube Portable Mini Electric Heater
Say goodbye to the cold and enjoy a pleasant warm feeling while performing your everyday tasks with the help of this small electric heater!
29,40 €
Product added
Frosty Insania Mini Portable Steam Climatizer with LED
Relax in a pleasant, fresh and clean environment with the help of this multifunctional mini climatizer: refrigerates, purifies, humidifies and aromatizes.
29,95 €
Product added
Electric Bed Heater
Don't get the unpleasant feeling of getting into a cold bed anymore. Achieving the perfect temperature is much simpler with the help of this electric heater.
31,40 €
Product added
Ceramic Outlet Heater with Remote Control
This heater will heat your space quickly, simply and economically. With command, it is ideal to warm up on cold days!
32,95 €
Product added
Portable Air Heater
Fight cold at home and in the office very simply with the help of this portable heater with 2 heating configurations: 1000 and 2000W!
35,40 €
Out of stock Fan Tower 80 cm Black
This discreet tower fan is very convenient and practical to combat heat in summer. The compact design makes it easy to carry.
40,95 €
Product added
Out of stock Electric Heating Mat
A simple way to enjoy a comfortable and warm feeling of well-being and relaxation. Perfect for use at home, office, etc.
44,40 €
Product added
Jocca Tower Fan
This tower shaped fan is the ideal solution for the hottest summer days and nights. With 3 speeds, it's very easy to use!
46,95 €
Product added
Electric Towel Rack Comfy Towel
An ideal electric towel rail to keep towels dry and warm after use.
46,95 €
Product added
Out of stock Wall Ceramic Split Heater
Protect yourself from the harsh cold of winter by keeping your home warm with the help of this wall heater with 3 air modes and two powers.
71,40 €
Product added
Cecotec EnergySilence Aero 350 50 W Ceiling Fan
Thanks to its reversible rotation system, this fan can be used at any time to keep your environments comfortable.
79,40 €
Product added
-12% Climate and Humidifier Jocca
The Jocca Climate and Humidifier is the perfect device to regulate the ambient temperature of your spaces. Perfect for hot days.
83,95 €
94,95 €
Product added
6-Bar Electric Towel Rack 90W White
Always keep towels dry and warm thanks to this 6-bar electric towel rail that can be attached to the wall or placed standing on the floor.
85,40 €
Product added
New Air Conditioning 3 in 1 Jocca
This is the perfect device for summer and heated rooms. Works on ice or water and will be able to cool any room in minutes.
124,95 €
Product added
Air Conditioning 2 in 1 Jocca
This is the perfect device for summer and winter, since it has the 2 functions: heater and refrigerator.
139,95 €
Product added
Air Cooler
Keep your home at the right temperature whether it's winter or summer. With dual hot and cold function and ionization function, it is the ideal appliance for your home!
155,40 €

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