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Children's lighting

Star Projection Lamp Star Projection Lamp
Let the stars shine in your room with the help of this original lamp that projects the stars around you and creates a relaxing atmosphere.
7,40 €
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UFO LED Star lamp UFO LED Star lamp
Let the stars shine in your room with the help of this lamp with two lighting options that project the stars around you.
8,40 €
LED Lamp Stars Playz Kids LED Lamp Stars Playz Kids
Let the stars shine in your room with this projector lamp. It has an enveloping projection on the ceiling and walls.
10,95 €
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Children's Projector Rotating Lamp Children's Projector Rotating Lamp
This picture projector is perfect for decorating children's rooms or a theme party. Both the little ones and all the guests will be amazed by the magical atmosphere.
14,40 €
Ocean Projector Ocean Projector
A projector that projects a shimmering sea, creating an atmosphere ideal for relaxing.
14,95 €
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Star Master LED Light Bulb Star Master LED Light Bulb
Let the stars shine in the children's room with this projector lamp. Features immersive projection with various colored leds and rotation.
15,40 €
Twilight Laser Projector Twilight Laser Projector
With this projector you'll be able to take the universe back to your home. Design a mystical cloud with the moon or stars onto your ceiling or combine everything and have a fascinating starry sky.
59,95 €
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